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Access to Online Courses at Gale Courses–FREE!

Never stop learning!   Whether you’re looking for college-level, professional development, or personal enrichment courses, Vanderhoof Public Library now offers hundreds of online courses that are accessible anywhere online, 24/7.
Just enroll in the course of your choice, and work on it anywhere you have internet access–you can even use one of our public computers at the Library.
Requirements: All courses require Internet access, e-mail, and a Web browser.  Some courses may have additional requirements.

Gale Courses are free to Vanderhoof Library cardholders.  (Don’t have an account? … come on in to the Library and request one.  Library cards are free to residents in the Vanderhoof taxation area;  non-residents (including Cluculz Lake residents) pay just $20 for the whole family per year.)

Gale Courses offer well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students.  When you earn a final grade of at least 65%, you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

Gale Courses offers access to online learning courses that are available anytime, anywhere, any place. Other benefits include:

  • Courses are free for all patrons interested in any discipline.
  • Gale Courses is easy to use; just use your Vanderhoof Public Library account to sign up and log in.
  • All courses are six-weeks in duration with start dates monthly, so you can join programs year-round.

Gain valuable knowledge you can immediately apply to your life or on the job.  There’s definitely something for everyone:

  • Career & Professional Development:  Many courses are tied to the fastest-growing occupations.
    Examples include: Accounting, Resume Writing, Business & Management, Grant Writing & Nonprofit, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Sales & Marketing.
  • Computers & Technology: Courses cover all skill levels from beginner to advanced, even focusing on specific software applications.
    Examples include: Introduction to the Microsoft Office Suite, Database Management, Graphic & Multimedia Design, and The Internet.
  • Personal Enrichment: A wide array of courses truly offers the opportunity to transform lives, whether related to hobbies, education, or life resources.
    Examples include: Children, Parents, & Family, Digital Photography, Health & Wellness, and GED Test Prep.