Download Digital Media (eBooks, AudioBooks, movies, magazines & more)

You can download eBooks, audioBooks, magazines and movies from a variety of sources:

You can download eBooks and audioBooks from Library2Go.

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  • Many new release downloadable AudioBooks, including popular best-selling titles from your favourite publishers, as well as exclusive Recorded Books titles.
    Download from RBdigital.
  • Download popular Magazines in digital format to your computer, smart phone or tablet.  Click here to read more.


  • Independent Movies and Classic TV are available through your account with RBdigital.
    InstantFlix offers award-winning shorts, features, and documentaries.  Available on all Internet-enabled computers, tablets, smart phones through the Web browser, and on Roku and Xbox.
For people with print disabilities, digital talking books are available from NNELS.  Contact us to register as a qualified print disabled patron, and obtain your password, then log in with your library card.

*Please note that these collections are hosted on Third Party websites with their own privacy policies.