Board of Trustees

The Vanderhoof Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the second Wednesday of every month (except July & August) at 4:30 pm in the Library Multipurpose Room.

The powers of the library Board fall into five areas:

  • providing for a building to facilitate library services;
  • deciding on regulations for the use of the library;
  • securing money for the operation of the library;
  • creating financial operations and establishing personnel policies and wage scales;
  • The board hires the Chief Librarian who is responsible for administration of the library.
Board of Trustees
Chair Carol Ann Shearer
Vice-Chair Lorna Ephrom
Past Chair Ginny Springer
Secretary/ Chief Librarian Jane Gray
Treasurer Tammy Lyell
District of Vanderhoof
Council Representative
Darren Carpenter
Trustee Kari Ephrom
Trustee Corinne Koftinoff
Trustee Geraldine Pritchard
Trustee Megan Walker
North Central Library Federation Reps Kari Ephrom/ Megan Walker