Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are volunteers serving the Vanderhoof Public Library.

The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month (except July & August) at 4:30 pm in the Jane Gray Multipurpose Room.

The powers of the Library Board fall into five areas:

  • providing for a building to facilitate library services;
  • deciding on regulations for the use of the library;
  • securing money for the operation of the library;
  • creating financial operations and establishing personnel policies and wage scales;
  • The board hires the Chief Librarian who is responsible for administration of the library.

The Board

Chair: Donna Klingspohn

Vice-Chair: Janet Smith

Secretary: Chief Librarian, Jennifer Barg

District of Vanderhoof Council Representative: Councilor Cyndi Lauze

Trustees: Gokce Ozel, Jane Gray, Julie Hodson, Judy Wigmore, Kari Ephrom, Renee Dick