History of the Library

A summary of the Library history, written by Nancy Maigret, a former Board Member.

Library History by Nancy Maigret: The Vanderhoof Library has been in many locations in the past sixty years. The first time I visited the library in 1926 it was situated at the corner of Stewart Street and Church Avenue. After climbing a steep wooden staircase with the help of a trusty flashlight (a necessity in those days) I entered a small lamp lit room lined with books. Volunteers of a local Young Peoples association ran the library a few evenings a week at that time. 1930's to 40's the library found a home on the back shelves of Mrs. Bowman's "Ladies Wear Store". Bowman served as custodian and librarian and had some strict rules as to what was suitable reading for young Bowman Store was also on Stewart Street and was later moved to Burrard Avenue where Auto Marine now stands. Mrs. Jeanette Silver purchased the Ladies Wear after the war and also ran the library until 1952 when the Vanderhoof Library Association was formed. In cooperation with the Village Council and the B.C. Government the library was allowed to move into a vacated Provincial Police station, including jail cells. This was on the corner of Burrard and Victoria, the site of the present Shoppers Mart. Being a volunteer in those days one needed to be hardy, as the old Police Station was terribly cold. We dressed in our heaviest ski#wear and still became quite numb after a session of handling books with our gloves on. Vanderhoof Village offices on Stewart Street were remodelled in 1957 and a small space (which later became the council chambers) was turned over to the library. Though lacking in space we were at least warm and the location was ideal. The building was expanded again in 1970 and a much larger area became the library. The library prospered in this location as residents young and old dropped in on their way to shop and pick up their mail. In 1982 the library was moved to the Arena Hall, a location which has never been satisfactory. Noise from the rink is quite disturbing and many of our readers, including senior citizens, find the location difficult to walk During the ladies. to. The Mrs. Many Maigret