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Jane Gray Multi-Purpose Room

About the Room

  • Room size is approximately 16′ x 32′ (500 sq ft).
  • Occupancy is limited to 50 persons (as per fire regulations).
  • Key cannot be picked up outside of library hours.

To Book the Room

  • Contact us for availability (which is limited, due to our library programming).
  • A contract must be completed.
  • Fee (cash/cheque only) must be paid before the key is provided.
  • Proof of facility users’ Liability Insurance must be provided. (A low-cost INSURANCE option is available through SAIS-eventpolicy)

Rental Rates

  • Under 4 hours (consecutive) ………………………… $10.00
  • Over 4 hours (consecutive) …………………………… $20.00
  • Over 4 hours and including overnight …………. $30.00
  • Tables and chairs, (you set up and take down)… no charge

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Library functions shall take precedence over any other use of the Multi-Purpose Room.
  2.  The contract is to be signed before the date of use.
  3.  The fee is to be prepaid upon registration.
  4.  User must provide proof of Liability Insurance.
  5.  Entrance to the building will be as directed by the Head Librarian. Only the
    designated room may be used under this agreement.
  6. Due to fire regulations, 50 is the maximum number of persons to use the room at one time.
  7. The key must be picked up during hours that the library is open. The key is NOT accessible from staff outside of library hours.
  8. Before leaving the building, the floor must be swept (dust pan and broom provided), and all lights must be turned off.
  9. The back outside door must be manually locked with the key.
  10. The key must be returned to the front desk during library hours or, if after hours, dropped in the book drop slot outside the main doors.
  11. The grounds and library building are tobacco-free at all times.
  12. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building.
  13. If including a refreshment service as part of the room use, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide all supplies required.
  14. No signs or decorations are to be affixed to the walls.
  15. The renter is responsible for the set up and take down of tables and chairs. Two long
    tables, 1 short table and 4 chairs are to be left in the room. All other furniture is to be
    returned to the storage room, with chairs stacked on the chair dollies.
  16. The renter is responsible for any damages incurred during the rental period, will take
    all reasonable action required for the protection of library property, and will report
    any damage noted by or caused by the group to the Chief Librarian as soon as practicable.
  17. The renter is responsible for paying for professional cleaning when deemed necessary
    by the Head Librarian.
  18. The contact person or alternate contact person for the rental will remain in
    attendance for the entire approved rental period.
  19. The library will not be responsible for any property left on the premises by the renter.
  20. Parking at the library is limited. Parking is also available in adjacent lots.